Retouching and Post Production


Retouching & Post Production

When the stills or videos are captured, it comes down to the editorial table to shape and craft the content into a masterpiece. Editing is a vital part of any content in a digital medium, whether that be videography, photography, or animation. Painstakingly choosing the perfect options from the variety of takes, then employing post-production steps such as color correction, sound editing, transcription, cropping etc., all determine the final cut of the content.

Perfecting the Craft

At Mystic, we know the importance of good editing. That is why our post production services are of the highest quality available in the UAE. We pay the closest attention to detail, and our team of dedicated professionals will review each piece of content several times before sending it back to the client. From sitting in the conference room hunting ideas, to the editing platform, we make sure that the post production process remains creative,

Mystic Studio offers photo retouching services which enhance the photograph by focusing on the minor details and refining the image, pixel by pixel. Similarly, the professional video production services offered by Mystic Studio are unparalleled. On the editorial table, our editors tailor the shots and juxtapose need images/texts to turn any project into a stroke of genius like you imagine and visualize. Working with Mystic Studio means that whatever the project, however big or small, will be refined to perfection for our client.


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