Location Permits & Approvals


Location Permits & Approvals

There are key logistical elements that apply to all media or art related projects. The craft is important, but so is securing the right location, ensuring compliance with the law, and making sure there are no ramifications that delay the project or come in the way of the quality of the content. With our experienced production team, who have the knowledge and key contacts required, we aim to keep the shoot procedure smooth and simple for you. It is safe to say that Mystic’s trustworthy team will never let you down.

Getting Permissions

To obtain legal permissions and approvals is necessary, and to acquire them is the job of the production department. Our well-connected and capable team will take the responsibility and hassle of these logistical tasks out of your hands, so that you may focus on your product and preferences with ease. The Mystic production department instantly seeks out the required permissions and approvals for a location to avoid any inconvenience during the shoot and to keep the floor running. Our location manager will ensure that location permits and approval for shoot is obtained well before and in accordance to the timeline of your company. At Mystic Studio, we have the trained professionals who take care of all these things beforehand.


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